International Opportunities

Studying abroad can help you immerse yourself in new cultures, languages, and career opportunities, which enriches your college experience and definitely looks good to future employers.


Traditionally, universities have programs that you can enroll in that automatically transfer courses and sometimes process Visa applications for you.


You can also try directly applying to some schools, as they will accept international students. The largest benefit of this method is that in many cases, tuition and fees tend to be lower when studying in another country.


If both of these options are not applicable, you can still study abroad with a third party provider. Many companies that work within education can help you travel to your college of choice with more freedom than the school’s program may provide (you could choose when to travel: a semester or longer, over the summer, etc.) 

Some famous international schools are Cambridge and Oxford in England, McGill University in Montreal, Canada; and the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland. Below are these and more notable international colleges’ websites. 


McGill University
Cambridge University
Oxford University
University of Edinburgh
University of Tokyo

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