Financial Aid


Scholarships are extremely hard to win, but if you find one that is ultra specific and applies to your unique area of interest, your chances of getting financial aid will be much higher. Below are a few links where you can create accounts to search for less known scholarship opportunities suited for you:

If you are willing to compete in bigger, wider-known scholarships, below are a few popular competitions. Keep in mind that winning these are extremely difficult -- there are tons of applicants, so don’t be too dependent on your success with them!

BUICK ACHIEVERS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM $25,000 PER YEAR 25 AWARDS Awards are given out based on financial need, work experience, and academic achievement. Preference is given to students planning to major in STEM fields.
COCA COLA SCHOLARSHIP $20,000  250 AWARDS Awards are given out based on academic achievement -- a GPA of 3.0 or higher is required -- and students' leadership roles in their schools. 
VOICE OF DEMOCRACY SCHOLARSHIP $1,000 - $30,000 N/A Students express democratic ideas and themes in 3-5 minute speech related to an assigned theme.
DOODLE FOR GOOGLE $30,000 1 AWARD Using the assigned theme, creatively recreate the Google logo and attach a written statement.

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